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The publication language of the journal is English. Furthermore, all writings should have Turkish title, key words and abstract (for foreigner authors, translation of the relevant parts will be provided by our journal). There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for publication in ‘Veterinary Journal of Kastamonu University’. All of the received manuscripts are checked with software for originality. The manuscripts having reported for a similarity below 20% would be accepted for a peer-review process. Its abbreviation is "Vet. J. KU". As the editorial board, we are aimed to publishing high quality new studies that make a significant contribution within the scope of the journal. In order to meet this aim, submitted manuscripts undergo initial evaluation by editors to ensure that they meet essential criteria for publication in the journal. Only those manuscripts that pass this initial review process, will be continued

Amaç ve Kapsam

Aims of the journal is to publish the original article, review, letter to the editor and case report related to veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Journal of Kastamonu University is a media of Kastamonu University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary Journal of Kastamonu University which is scientific, peer-reviewed and open access journal, is published periodically twice in a year in June and December.

Etik İlkeler ve Yayın Politikası

The writings should not be published in any electronic or published media and not be presented to any other journal for evaluating (excluding abstract). The writing that has been presented in any scientific meeting, must be submitted with detailed information about the organization including name of organization, date and place. The responsibility for “ethics committee approval” of the study submitted to the journal belongs to the authors. A copy of the ethics committee approval of the study conducted on animals should be sent to the journal. Nonetheless, editor reserves the right to demand of ethics committee approval from the authors when it is required.
Ethical Principles
An approval of research protocols by the Ethics Committee in accordance with international agreements is required for experimental, clinical, and drug studies. If required, ethics committee reports or an equivalent official document will be requested from the authors.

Ücret Politikası

Hiçbir ad altında yazar veya kurumundan ücret alınmaz.

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